This website portal and associated database consolidates data from various datasets, and allow end-users to access a complete overview of existing non-tariff measures to trade.

It has been developed to facilitate the collection of information on NTBs from those directly involved in international trade. This website and associated website contains forms detailing any problem or difficulty an exporter or importer may face when exporting into, or importing from, a foreign country.

Use of Collected Information

The collected information will be stored in a database, and after necessary verification and validation, will be available for public access; end-users are expected to be involved in trade negotiations; research and analysis; and capacity-building in developing countries. End-users will be able to access and view data collated from various sources and stored in a single global database.

The information on this database is intended to assist:

  • Policymakers to identify pertinent issues and areas of where new policies are required
  • Traders by providing research and advice
  • Trade negotiators in trade negotiations
  • Standard-setting organizations and bodies and government bodies in formulating and setting norms and standards

Non-Tariff Barriers

Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) are increasingly relevant in trade matters, especially in the context of the progressive lowering of tariffs. Trade negotiations have traditionally focused more on tariff barriers, but these non-tariff barriers have been shown to increase trade costs, and therefore need to be addressed.

There will be a parallel effort by participating agencies to collect information on NTBs from official sources, i.e. from official documents published by countries imposing non-tariff measures or related regulations.